BSNL Fools Customers – Increasing ADSL Broadband Speed From 512kb to 2mbps

BSNL said that they revised their ADSL broadband speed on from 512kb/1mbps to 2mbps. This will take effect in October, 1 2015. I am also a BSNL user of plan 750 Home Combo UL and getting speeds of near about 600 kbps, which is little more than they promise i.e. 512 kbps. So, My final outcome monthly bill is 803 /- Rs including tax with 10% discount – govt. Employees.

 bsnl ADSL Wimax broadband speed Click To Check Your Broadband Speed

BSNL loosing customers day by day because it is expensive. Other operators offer more speed with same price. Over one year, BSNL loose 2 crore subscribers both wireless and wire-line. And they are still loosing.

In recent days BSNL have tried to gain subscribers with a trick. They said they increased ADSL broadband speed on from 512kb/1mbps to 2mbps but they kept the secret. 2mbps speeds are only for first 1Gb after that you will move to your flat rate 512kbps.

At first when BSNL announces that they revised broadband plans on October, 2015 with no additional charges then I was excited. On October 1, 2015 I got speed thrice more than the previous one. But after 2-3 hrs I got speed same as previous. They are just making fools of the customers. Their subscriber rate increase with 8-10% in September with this trick. They also increased the security fees from 1500 to 3500.

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