115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media

It is hard to imagine a world without social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed everything from the way we shop to the way we look for employment. If you thought you knew all that you needed to know about social media, read along to find out some of the more surprising facts about this global phenomenon.

When it comes to the way social media directs our shopping behavior the results report that the website most likely to influence purchase decisions is Facebook. Youtube is a close second followed by LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Twitter. Facebook is largely used for finding information about purchases sales and alerts, while Pinterest is where most users find additional product information. The majority of buyers discover new products through Twitter and the microblogging site is also where users are most likely to recommend products to each other.

The popularity of global brands and celebrities on social media varies from network to network. The most popular brand page on Facebook is Coca-Cola who is liked by 98,332,327 users. This is followed closely by Spanish football club FC Barcelona whose page is liked by 93,740,721 and Disneyland with 17,752,242 likes. The most liked celebrity on Facebook is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with 114,661,020 likes. On Twitter the most followed brand is French fashion house Chanel with 12,205,997 followers and the most followed star is American pop singer Katy Perry with 90,351,047 followers.

Social media websites are not only used for leisure and entertainment but they have also become one of the world’s leading recruitment tools. The collected data shows that 73% of companies report successfully hiring a candidate with the help of social media. Professional social media network LinkedIn is by far the most widely used platform for social recruitment. LinkedIn is used by 93% of hiring managers while Facebook has the most active job seekers. Facebook is also the preferred tool for the unemployed over the age of 45 while millennials in search of a job prefer to use Twitter.

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